Mandalas for Children

Today mandalas are used not only in psychotherapy, but also as „coloring books” for adults or as a tool for relaxation and spiritual cleansing. They are also increasingly used by children. It is surprising how even all the hyperactive children can enjoy the calm creation, how the generally apathetic children become alive and how kids with various disabilities get involved in drawing as well.

Our programs for children:

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Mandalas can be created in various ways and from various materials. Smaller children can make a mandala from little colored stones, which will help them with the development of their motor skills. Slightly older children can color a template and thus, get some practice in color recognition or in holding a pencil skill. The older children can start experimenting with creating and story telling, interpreting one's feelings, etc. It depends on your imagination and your desire to explore new possibilities and procedures.

Simple mandala templates, fairy tale or animal themed mandalas are the best for working with children. But a blank piece of paper with a circle can be used as well, so that your kids can create independently with or without the use of various tools.

Children can work individually or in groups, using both small and big formats. An interesting alternative is a collective creation of mandala from plastic bottle caps, food lids, natural materials or colored sands. Mandalas can be drawn by chalks on the floor, it can be assembled from pictures, words or even human bodies. Just let your imagination work. Because mandalas are not limited by any restrictions or rules. Instead, they offer a space for playful discovery of the self, others, and the surrounding world. Get creative with your children and get involved in our art contest!

You can buy mandala templates for your children in our online shop. 

For those who are interested in creating mandalas we also offer Free mandalas. We will send you 1 template once in every 3 weeks by e-mail.


Downloadable mandalas for children