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Drawing Courses in Brno

Externí autor: Kamila Podivínová, zveřejněno 10. 7. 2015

Drawing, as well as writing, can work as a form of therapy (art therapy). Everybody can draw and everybody draws in their own specific way. Rule number one is: “Don’t compare yourself with anybody”. Every person has different dispositions especially, in the spiritual sense of the word.

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Don’t compare yourself with anybody

Drawing, as well as writing, can work as a form of therapy (art therapy). Everybody can draw and everybody draws in their own specific way. Rule number one is: “Don’t compare yourself with anybody”. Every person has different dispositions especially, in the spiritual sense of the word. What do you think it would be like if we all drew in the same way? Clean lining, shadowing or handwriting. There are tools that can help us while drawing, e.g. a scribing compass, a ruler, and an eraser. Do you want to draw a building and everything just keeps tumbling? Why don't you help yourself out a little? Someone likes to draw a grid and to put all the parts of the drawn object into it. Others help themselves with measuring.

Do you think you cannot draw?

Personally, I think that recognizable handwriting and non-perfect lines are essential for drawing. Maybe you will find this strange, because you have been told over and over again in school that everything should be like this or that. Yes, it is nice to be able to draw the reality; all the things we actually see, but do we really both see the same? I think there should be no such “You are not making any effort, you are just doodling again!” attitude in art classes. Because how many children are then left discouraged from expressing themselves by art? All of you, who are now nodding their heads approvingly, have certainly been among these children as well. Today you are adults, and you still keep carrying the label: can’t draw.

From a mandala to a portrait

I have a tip for all of you, who would like to try or get back to expressing through crayons and other colouring tools. Start all over again. For getting the initial confidence, download the black and white mandala sample and colour it. I call these samples colouring books for adults. It is a nice first step towards getting into drawing and having results you can enjoy. I recommend colouring the mandalas intuitively, for when you over-think the choice of colours, whether they match each other, you will end up being frustrated. For those interested in mandalas we have mandala drawing courses, which are also offered on-line.

When you build up some confidence (or you need someone to help you with it), you can sign up for the drawing course for beginners. No, I am not crazy. Why could you not go to the beginner’s course even when you are in retirement? For complete beginners I recommend Drawing course I led by Ivan Štrouf, a painter from Brno, who will guide you step by step. You will start gradually and nobody will tell you that you are incompetent. One's own ideas and handwriting are appreciated in drawingLearn how to shade, draw objects in three dimensions, play with colours and gradually develop your imagination. You can then keep continuing in all of this in the Drawing course II.

So what are you still afraid of? You can fulfil your dreams!

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