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Vše o mandalách

Colours in mandalas

Colours, they surround us everyvhere and they are wearers of many information. So the colours you put into a mandala are telling a lot about you.

Shapes in Mandalas

You may attempt realizing how the shapes speak to our mind or what may be expressed though them by depicting a word, feeling or emotion just in a shape. A colour is not important at all. Achieved knowledge may be compared to the text guide placed on our webside. The text was based on your replies in a questionaire (and it keeps being updated).

Mandalas for Children

Today mandalas are used not only in psychotherapy, but also as „coloring books” for adults or as a tool for relaxation and spiritual cleansing. They are also increasingly used by children. It is surprising how even all the hyperactive children can enjoy the calm creation, how the generally apathetic children become alive and how kids with various disabilities get involved in drawing as well.

Ideas for Art Classes

Teach your children how colors are created and what they can capture! Let's play and explore the world.

Mandala and Sacred Geometry

Studies of sacred geometry benefit the connection between the right and left brain hemisphere. Come and get creative with us.

Mandalas in Different Cultures

Tibetan Mandala

Freehand Mandala

Instructions for easy freehand mandala making.

Doodling Mandalas

Instructions for easy mandala creating.

Plastic Mandalas

Instructions for making your own mandala

Using Mandalas

Use mandalas for inspiration and creative drawing.

How to Draw a Mandala


Find at least 2 hours in your schedule only for yourself. Find a warm and quiet place where you can feel safe, turn off your mobile phone, make yourself a tea, light up scented candles, turn on some meditation music, put your favourite dried fruit in a little bowl and put some soft cryons (one of the best are called "Omega") next to your mandala template. Or just simply sit anywhere you want and get started…


Mandala is everywhere around us. It is a cross-cultural symbol of harmony and unity. Mandala is a space for self-discovery.

Mandala zdarma

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