How to Draw a Mandala

Currently you can buy many books with various mandala templates. They are usually thematically oriented. The advice on how to choose the right mandala set is simple: Take the one you like the most!


It coul be inspiring to draw in an opposite direction than we are normally used to. What is it like to draw a mandala zig zag, without any rules (such as following a certain direction), to choose specific colors (eg. only the warm tones) or to use your crayons with your eyes closed...? No matter what approach you choose, be aware of your emotions and of what is happening.

If you need a healing picture, a supporting mandala, an item of harmonization or a tool for communication with other beings, put your intention (your decision about the purpose of the mandala) into the mandala instead of your feelings. Pronounce it briefly and positively!

The non-existing limits

Consider everything you will ever read about mandalas, including these “instructions”, to be just an inspiration, not a dogmatic rule! Because what is true for one or the other person does not necessarily apply to you. And who else is this all about if not you?

Look for your own path or direction and discover all the new possibilities which are beneficial for you. Nobody else has the power to help you except you yourself.

Chci jít cestou mandaly

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