Centrum Mandala - tvoříme harmonii

Doodling Mandalas

These steps have been taken from Jaroslava Šicková-Fabricii (Art therapy basics)

What you will need:

  • 1x A3 sheet of paper
  • 3x A4 sheet of paper
  • a piece of transparent tracing paper
  • a 3 x 5 cm wedge
  • scissors
  • a ruler and a pair of compasses or a centric circle template
  • a crayon or a pencil
  • colors

How to do it:


The steps:


Take a large sheet of paper and a pencil. Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Let go of all the tension in your body with the exhales. Take some time and wait until a feeling appears in your body so that you can carry it trough your hand into the pencil. Let the pencil slide across the paper with your eyes closed for as long as it feels good.


Look at what you have created. Take the 3 x 5 cm wedge and find a part of the drawing you like the most. Highlight it and carry it over to the A4 sheet. You can use the colors as well.


Now decide about the number your mandala will contain and about its format. Draw the perimeter of the mandala (this will determine its size) and divide it into several sectors (determining the number of the mandala). Prepare this sheet of paper twice. Cut out one of the sectors to create a wedge and again, find a part of the drawing you like the best. Highlight it.


Carry over the lines of the sector on the transparent tracing paper. To make it easier outline the sector's perimeter lines as well.


Take the paper with the circle divided into sectors and fill it in with the lines from the tracing paper. By flipping and outlining the tracing paper you can copy the template several times.


Add your own patterns you like or which have an important meaning for you. You can start with what you already have on the paper or choose new symbols.


You can modify or delete some of the lines, you can also add new ones and that is how you make your own mandala template which is ready for coloring.

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