Mandala and Sacred Geometry

Autor: Zuzana Řezáčová Lukášková, zveřejněno 21. 9. 2017

Studies of sacred geometry benefit the connection between the right and left brain hemisphere. Come and get creative with us.

A point represents God which is size- and place-less, yet it creates the entire world. By moving the point in all directions a circle or a sphere arises, still containing everything present and being whole. A circle is a symbol of the primary movement, it is the Big bang itself and the very first mandala of perfection.

The first day of creation another circle arises and its center lies on the perimeter of the first circle Vesica Piscis. This is the first shape in the Universe, the expansion of reality into duality, the first intersection, blending of two kinds, the womb of the Universe, the connection of male and female, god and goddess.

On the second day of creation a third circle emerges on the borders of the previously created one (boundary circle vesica piscis). The result is a geometric basis for a tetrahedron.

With each of the following movements and a newly created circle a mass of new information and creative patters appear. The creation continues in the same way, arising from a new intersection, until the formation of the “Fetus of Life”. Therefore, during the first six days of creation seven circles are made (God and the six days of creation), representing the six days of God's creation followed by the resting day.

Adding further circles to the Fetus of Life an image called the “Seed of Life” arises. This seed contains the entire cabalistic “Tree of Life” with all its shapes; Tree-Flowers-Fruits-Seeds-Tree.

By continuing this process the whole creation expanses into another dimension, constituting a symbol called the „Flower of Life“. This contains seven complete interconnected circles. It is a sacred symbol represented by many religions and architectures of many cultures. It can be found on stained glass windows, on altars, tombs, but it is also used as a protective sign on ordinary items. Its ancient and timeless nature is proved by the fact that it can be found even in the so-called “primitive“ nations. The „Flower of Life“ is usually bordered by two circles. Nothing more than that had been displayed for many centuries…

Source: The Ancienit Secret of the Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchidezek, Pragma 2008

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mandala dle posvátné geometrie

Zuzana Řezáčová Lukášková

I am an arttherapist working with mandalas and mandala test.

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