Do you want to come to the course but you don't have anyone to babysit your kids?

We offer a solution in cooperation with FYLA company; the "aunts". We provide one-off and regular babysitting for your children during the courses directly at your home or outdoors.

Fyla company offers FREE babysitting for all participants of the courses.


FYLA offers three modes of babysitting

1. Full price monitoring (120 – 180Kč per hour) is performed by skilled workers, mostly university students trained by FYLA, who are experienced in babysitting and who can also offer tutoring lessons for your children.

2. "Free babysitting" is offered as a part of the training program for new FYLA "aunts", who need babysitting practice before they can become fully acknowledged FYLA employers. These workers even though, they are beginning to work for FYLA, are trustful, they have no criminal records, they are experienced, medically eligible for work with children and they know all the needed health and safety policies.

3. Voluntary babysitting for socially disadvantaged mothers in difficult situation is done by experienced senior FYLA "aunts" for free. In case of your interest tutoring and school preparation in combination with babysitting can be arranged as well.

We also offer individual swimming lessons for children which are held by professional trainers with several years of experience.