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Nothing you send us ends up in the trash

Autor: Zuzana Řezáčová Lukášková, zveřejněno 25. 12. 2012

Thank you for all the mandalas, feedback, and emails you send. It motivates us in our work. Nothing you send us ends up in the trash:-)

It has been a year and a half since we started our online courses together with sending out free mandalas. Since then over 2000 people from Czech republic and Slovakia have become virtually creative with us. I am very happy from each and every one of your shared mandala creations which we would not otherwise see or know about. Also the feedback we receive from you motivates us in further work.


"You send such beautiful mandalas for coloring, thank you. I want to share at least some of my own colored mandalas."


"Thank you so much for the mandala. The website is great; I browsed trough it at one sitting. I’m interested in automatic drawing and I would like to start with mandalas, so thank you very much."

 I am glad that our website inspires some of you in your own creations because creating mandalas is relaxing and fulfilling.

"I would like to learn how to create mandalas so I am really glad I found your nice website. Hopefully I will eventually get to your seminars. With regards and best luck in everything you do."


Creating mandalas can be much more entertaining than just "simple" coloring.


"I’m sending you an example of a mandala I started painting. The mandalas you send are very nice but I found out that just mere coloring is no fun for me. It’s not my cup of tea and it doesn’t fulfill me so I tried it myself and here are my experiments. I paint it directly because I can’t do it when I sketch it beforehand. I wish you a beautiful angelic day!"

I am also glad that our website inspires you in creating and spending some time with your children.

"Today my daughter and I decided to enjoy the day and we tried to paint a mandala for the first time. :-)) We both had so much fun. Thank you for the mandalas templates you send, we always look forward for getting them."

Some of your creations have been very inspiring for us and they motivate us to try new techniques.


"I started with drawing mandalas in 2012, it is a wonderful work. I draw them with encaustic; using intuition; people’s requests and I also use them for helping with certain issues or situations. I receive the colors and shapes also by intuition. I relax and enjoy a break by drawing mandalas and mostly enjoy seeing people happy when they receive their mandalas. I also engage myself in energies and work together with the Angels (they are my little helpers)."

Thank you for all the sent mandalas, feedback, and emails you send us. Nothing ends up in the trash:-)

Other mandalas which you sent are in our gallery.


Autor článku


Zuzana Řezáčová Lukášková

I am an arttherapist working with mandalas and mandala test.

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