Source: Symbolická řeč barev, Inge a Gerd Schillingovi, Dobra & Fontána Olomouc, 1999

You will work with four colours – red, blue, yellow and green. Arrange the four colours in a line – the first colour is the one you like the best, the fourth is the one you like the least. Take your time arranging the colours. Your choice will reveal your up-to-date relation to the main four principles of characters – choleric – active, sangvinic – lighthearted, flegmatic – calm or melancholic – sombre.


The first colour will show you your contemporary temperament and the attitude to the task you are responsibe for. The second colour will reveal your goals, wishes and tendencies. The third and the fourth colour will not be of any importance for the evaluation:-).

Decide the array of the two colours you chose as first two and see the evaluation:

Everything you are responsible for is fulfiled actively and in a dinamical way. When it comes to your taks you act not only enthusiasticaly but also single-mindedly. The sangvinic temperament is applied in your tasks and wishes in a second place as you usually get well informed about the matter when you are half way through.

Even though you always think everything over properly, still you are able to fulfil your tasks quickly and actively. You are able to join your feelings with senses very well to achieve your goals, though sometimes you are hesitating quite long to establish your preferences.

You are a person who is able to use both emotions and senses. Sometimes you struggle by fight of opposing tendencies that may impale you. However if you are convinced about something you are able to act with a great deal of enthusiasm and courage.

Your acting shows joy of life, playfulness, fantasy but also discretion. Though you lightness sometimes turns into irresponsibility and fickleness.

You have probably often heard that you are a phlegmatic person because your approach to task filling is very calm, sometimes even sluggish, which may annoy many people.

Your acting shows joy of life, playfulness, fantasy but also discretion. Though you lightness sometimes turns into irresponsibility and fickleness.

This combination of colours shows your thoughtful, sensible and contemplative way of solving problems. You usually become active after clarification and considering all possible solutions.

Your orientation in the field you are occupied with usually follows the logical consequences, which means that when you face any problem first thing you do is examininng all possible solutions. As you placed the red colour to the third or fourth place, you still hold your energy back.

You often take long time before acting, which may cause you many dreamless nights. Your energy has not been expressed yet. You seem to be intellectual and calm, even in cases you are very upset inside. Your strong weapon is a calm line of reasoning.

When you work on given tasks you are usually calm and level head, you process in a rather phlegmatic way but you can also be very sure of your solution. You became more active after clarification of the purpose when you became certain that your work will pay.

Before you start working you need to be sure twice, first you need to think calmly about the given matter then you need to take all the risks in account. You supress your energy until the very last moment, which reveals your phlegmatic temperament but also it shows a high level of patience.

You are calm and careful, sometimes even rather melancholic and too reflective. You prefer to be alone to boisterous parties but people look you up your company because of your reliability.