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How to work with mandala

Let us have a look how to work with a mandala.

You will need:

  • any sample of a mandala (you may use any of mandalas provided in the working sheets – see down under the video link)
  • artistic material you like working with (e.g. colour pencils Koh-i-noor)

Let us get started as soon as you feel ready!


Mandala is an aid of relaxation and meditaion for ages. You may relax while creating a mandala. Reserve enough time for drawing, switch off a telephone and bells....

Get focused on the nib of a crayon and to its rustling sound when it runs across the paper and try to cocentrate all your attention only to your mandala. All the stimuli from your surroundings, e.g. sounds, pressure or itching, thoughts of what you should or should not do consider as distraction and return your mind to the mandala. Notice how your body becomes relaxed during the creation of a mandala.

You may also try a Relaxation with a  finished mandala.

Take a mandala which you like and place it to the level of your eyes, approximately 1 m far from you. Sit down comfortably, get relaxed by a deep breating in and out and watch the  mandala. Try to concentrate your mind to the centre of the mandala. If any distructions appear, without paying them any attention, mark them as distractions and return back to the mandala. After a while you may see the colours to intermash, you may even think they “dance“.  Observe this colourful game and let your mind dwell in the mandala. After about 10 to 15 minutes finish the exercise consciously.

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