Center Regulations

1. The building opens at 7 am and closes at 9 pm on working days. During these days the staff of Evangelic Academy is responsible for opening and closing the building. We are open on Saturdays only in case a courses or a seminar is taking a place. Tenants or their employees are responsible for opening and closing the building on Saturdays. On Sundays and public holidays the house is opened and closed by the staff of the parish. Otherwise, the building must be locked, the lights on the staircase are off and the tenants must lock the front door and the bars as well as respect the night peace.

2. The front door and the bars have an emergency lock from the inside in order to prevent getting trapped in the building without having a key. Anyone who uses the emergency lock during the hours the house should be closed must report it to a responsible person immediately. The responsible person will ensure the building gets closed.

3. Fire hydrants are placed on the stairs and fire-extinguishers are on the 1st floor, in the basement, and each floor.  

4. The waste containers are placed in the corner on the left side of the front door. The waste is collected on every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. It is necessary to fill one container first and then the other one. The corner must be kept clean. No dangerous waste can be put in the waste containers. Recycled waste is supposed to be placed in the boxes marked “paper” and “plastic” and it is advised to take it to the containers on Moravské square.

5. The central water seal is located in the basement under the main entrance.

6. The electric switchboards are situated on the ground floor in the lobby on the left side of the entrance and each tenant has his or her own admeasure.

7. Central heating is provided by a boiler. Similarly, the water heating is central as well. Both the boiler room and the central heating are provided by Pernica company, phone: 604 280 250.

8. All lecturers and course participants should use the building exclusively for the pre-agreed purposes, only between 7 am and 10 pm in order to prevent any damage of the center's property or of the building. Any damage must be immediately reported to the head manager of the center, Zuzana Řezáčková Lukášková, phone: 777 957 793.

9. All racist, anti-Christian or pornographic materials are banned form being introduced or distributed in the center.

10. All lecturers and center's clients must follow the safety, security, fire protection, sanitary, and other rules and regulations.

11. The first aid kit is placed on the shelf above the main entrance to the center.

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