Centrum Mandala - tvoříme harmonii

Our Story

"In the beginning there was a witch…"

I have a degree in veterinary medicine and it was only after I started searching the right path for myself that I got into psychotherapy, satitherapy, and art therapy. However, I came across mandalas much earlier than that…

I got my first mandala book when I was thirteen years old, after my mom found me while coloring a picture of a witch. She gave me something "better" and the witch ended up in a drawer. That is how I got my first mandala book, how I drew my very first mandala and how I organized my first mandala program… I found the witch after many years when I was moving into my new house and as a proper teacher of a mandala drawing course I gratefully finished coloring it…

I have learned that dreams could and should come true and so I, together with Petra, founded Centrum Mandala. And what about my veterinary career? Well after ten years of studying (I was doing a PhD as well) I have just let it go. I am pursuing my dreams and I want to help You to do the same. Come and join us.