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Sample lesson of on-line course

Let us have a look what mandala is and how to work with it.


First, let us introduce the main thing you are going to work with – a mandala....

Mandala ia s symbol of unity and wholeness. That might be a reason why it has been winning hearts of people no matter what religion they are. In spite of the fact that the mandalas (circular figures) are typically assosiated with Eastern philosophies they occur in all cultures including the one we live in.

Even though “home“ of mandalas is everywhere in the world, the word mandala itself comes from  the historical Indo-Aryan language - sanskrit. Mandalas of Eastern cultures are often created in accordance with very strict rules, e.g. Tibetans mandalas that became symbols of a perfect balance and harmony. However, the only rule will be applied for the purposes of our creativity: “do everything as you want and need“. That is why you will obtain no precise guide how to create the most exciting mandalas and no rules how to draw in the right way will be provided.

Though you are going to find loads of tips and recommendations in our on-line courses that will help you discover how to make contact with yourself, how to follow your inner voice, your feelings and intuition. Also you are going to discover how to create mandalas that will belong to you, that will be about you and for you (how to conjure the most secret desires, make an analysis of your “personality“, draw a personal mandala or a mandala that will lead to recovery from illness).

Long hours may be spent by talking about mandalas but I mainly want to provide you an experience.

Get in touch with yourself

Mandala is a suitable mean to getting in touch with yourself so here is an advice how to do it.

Choose a mandala that you want to create. Sit down, close your eyes and let your body relax. Become consciousness of places where your body touches the mat, positions of your legs and hands and your head. If there are any problems or thoughts running through your head, you may imagine them as clouds and let them run away for the moment. Then realize how are you feeling and let this feeling transform into colours and shapes of your mandala. Desing your mandala without thinking.

Further inspiration how to work with your feelings and mandala will appear in next lessons of the on-line course and also on  website of the Mandala Centre.

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